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May has arrived! And I am having some flashbacks right now to when I was studying for my bachelor’s in Ministry and Theology. We used to call it ‘mad may’. All the assignments were due within a few weeks of each other, and you could almost visibly see the stress levels rising.

I would like to say studying now would look different, but knowing me – and with a daughter now – I am sure it would be the same!

Thankfully life has changed. School terms 1 and 4 seem to carry the most pressure these days.

That’s why we figured, why not host a Parenting Children Course in term 2?

While all the uni students are stressing over their assignments, we can relax, sit back, and hopefully learn something that we can apply to our parenting journey!

Why are we hosting this course? Because it’s fun! And because I am now a dad too. My daughter is now 18 months old, and continuing to grow into the most wonderful little lady, whilst keeping us on our toes almost every day!

(Can I get an amen from all of those parents currently in a sleep regression!). We also recognise that parenting can be like an endless cycle. Weeks, months and even years can roll by without really taking time to stop and reflect on how we are doing as parents. This course is a great opportunity to do just that – except with friends old and new.

The course runs over 5 sessions, not including the info night. We will most likely run the course of 5 weeks with one session per week. After the info night, we will try and set a time that suits everyone for the weekly session.

Parenting Children Course
The 5 Session Cover:
  • Building strong foundations
  • Meeting your children’s needs
  • Setting clear boundaries
  • Teaching healthy relationships
  • Working on our long term aim

Come along to the information night at either 5:00PM or 7:00PM on the 23rd of May.

Address: 49 Arcadia Road, Galston in the SDA Church hall.
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Pastor Nicholas Kross, Galston Seventh Day Adventist Church
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