PACIFIC HILLS CHRISTIAN SCHOOL AT DURAL is about to celebrate its 40 year anniversary, since it was started as a single teacher school with eight students.

A series of anniversary events are planned for April and May for current and past students, parents and staff, and the local community.

The O’Dell family and a group of friends pioneered the school as Pennant Hills Christian School and the first teacher was Mrs Lynn McCrindle. The McCrindle name has continued to be connected with the school with her children being educated there, and now her grandchildren. Her son Mark is Chairman of the Board.

In its second year the school grew to 41 students and two staff members. 1981 saw the commencement of secondary education and the first enrolments of students with disabilities into mainstream classes.

Dr Boyce commenced his role as Principal in 1985 and today he is Executive Principal over all seven schools which form the Pacific Group of Schools.

In 1986 the school moved to its current location in Quarry Road, Dural, and changed its name to Pacific Hills Christian School. This was also the first year to have a graduating Year 12 class.

The school continued to grow each year. By 1999 there were over 1,000 students and today there are more than 1300 and 150 staff.

A recent milestone was the launch of New Hope School on the same campus which is specifically developed for students with a moderate level of intellectual delay or who have an Autism Spectrum Disorder. A unique feature of this school is the daily collaboration that students have with those at Pacific Hills.

The 40th anniversary will be celebrated with a Celebration Day on April 12th, an Afternoon Tea on May 18th, Celebration Service on May 19th, Thanksgiving Service on the exact start date of May 21st, and an Anniversary Dinner at a local restaurant on May 23rd.