As we welcome spring in this particularly challenging time, let us explore what we can do with a renewed dedication to improve our health and wellbeing. Spring is a great season to be out and about.

Mobility is such an important aspect in our everyday life as it promotes not only our social and emotional wellbeing, it plays a vital role in the functioning of our critical internal organs. However, with walking comes the risk of falls. The number one mobility problem that older people experience is falls. “Use it or lose it” is definitely true for mobility in older age. But don’t lose heart, there are plenty of solutions that help us enjoy this season by taking short or long walks.

Walking Stick: Is the best place to start if you experience challenges with balance and stability. Do check they have a good rubber tip on the bottom and suit your style, taste, and grip.

Walking Frames: are easy to fold and provides a greater support than walking sticks. They are very light and very easy to manage.

Seat Walkers or Rollators: are with three or four wheels, with or without seat and back rests. Most of them have hand brakes. A poorly fitted walker can do more damage than good. You no longer have to compromise on fashion, style, colors, weight etc. while choosing your walker as there are plenty of options.

By finding a walking aid that suits you, your taste and budget will motivate you to walk more and bring you return on investment sooner that you think.

So what is holding you back, put a spring on your feet and see you out and about!

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