Our education philosophy

A Northholm education is distinctive. Students are encouraged to serve others, to find purpose and are instilled with the determination and character to succeed.

Our educational philosophy is firmly based on the principle of academic intentionality with pastoral attentiveness. We seek to challenge every student by raising academic expectations and celebrating their growth. We value the importance of achieving one’s potential. By delivering engaging learning experiences that bring students joy, our holistic approach attends to students’ development in a personalised way, as both a learner and a person.

We know that student achievement is closely connected to student wellbeing. Establishing a high-performance culture is dependent on challenging students to achieve their best academically, as well as providing the care and support necessary for personal growth and development. Education is about preparing young men and women for life; we grow and develop each student intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Teaching with academic intentionality (scholarship) recognises a child’s potential and actively encourages them to do their best. It prepares students for the real world by implementing disciplines to problem-solve and developing their capacity to make a valuable contribution. Our focus on personalised pastoral attentiveness understands the learner and is attentive to their needs. It includes personalised learning plans, interest in the whole person and an appreciation for life skills, such as social and emotional development, that are vital in life.

A highly competent teacher establishes what a student requires in the moment, whether it challenges them to move forward or encourages them to explore their interests. They are attentive to the personal circumstances of a child and are able to provide real-world applications of their teaching. Our outstanding educators successfully challenge and support our students in achieving their full potential whilst instilling a love of learning. Northholm Grammar is deliberate in establishing a learning environment that successfully unites the positive benefits of both academic intentionality with pastoral attentiveness for academic accomplishment.

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