Northholm HSC Visual Arts Workshop

As an art practice, Abdul Abdullah works across painting, photography, video, installation and performance, exhibiting in many solo and group exhibitions across Australia and internationally. He has entered paintings and been painted for the Archibold and Sulman Prize. Abdul’s works can be found in collections across Australia including the Gallery of NSW, Bendigo Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art and The National Gallery of Australia. Throughout his work Abdul explores the experiences of ‘others’ in society, often using his artworks to engage the audience with a visual conversation on marginalized minority groups; specifically, his personal response as a young Muslim in a multicultural Australian context.

The day began with Abdul discussing the evolution of his art practice, from an art school student to his current works in progress. Throughout his presentation Abdul discussed the transition from a personal painting practice to a practice with a more socially conscious connection.

Abdul’s visit was extraordinary. Not only is he an amazing artist, but he is also an amazing person to learn from and about! –Jacob Whicker Y12

Northholm HSC Visual Arts Workshop Students then engaged in an intensive painting workshop where Abdul demonstrated his unique style of pigment mixing and painting. Each student painted their own portrait, or someone close to them. Throughout the workshop Abdul spent one on one time with each student to discuss techniques and offer art making advice. Throughout the afternoon students took the opportunity to talk to Abdul about their HSC Bodies of Work or their practice as young photographers and painters.

The artist visit by Abdul Abdullah was both culturally and artistically enriching. His cultural perspective combined with artistic talent was highly beneficial to our own individual art practices. He personally gave me very helpful advice on elements of my major work that I was struggling with. It was an overall great day. –Anna Ignatovich Y12

This experience was one of high reward for students, both as a visual arts student, but also young artists. Thank you to Abdul Abdullah for sharing his story and his powerful art practice with us!