Northholm Grammar HSC Success – Ranked 45th in NSW

We are thrilled to acknowledge the outstanding academic achievements of the Class of 2023 in the HSC results. Northholm Grammar continues to build its reputation of achieving academic growth through personalised learning to be positioned 45th in NSW on the SMH HSC rankings.

For the third time in the past four years, Northholm Grammar celebrates being the most successful co-educational private school in the Hills District. It is also the second time in the past three years, Northholm Grammar has achieved a Top 50 Ranking in NSW.

Our students embraced the opportunity to engage in a rigorous academic program allowing them to achieve their personal best. The sacrifices were many and they worked together as a collective group with enormous commitment and character throughout the year.

It is with much pride that we celebrate their achievements and recognise that our vision and commitment to academic growth and scholarship continues to be rewarded.

Some Excellent Statistics and Achievements Include:

  • 64 Honourable Mentions on the Distinguished Achievers list (Band 6 results)
  • 56% of students achieved at least one Band 6/E4
  • 85% of students achieved at least one Band 5 or Band 6
  • Top ATAR: Calum Fraser (School Captain) with 99.80
  • 2 All-round Achievers list students
  • Every Subject achieved above State Average results
  • Every student in Drama achieved an Individual and Group On Stage nomination
  • Northholm Grammar was 13th in the NSW for Mathematics Standard
  • 100% of students achieved Band 6 results in Music I and Mathematics Ext I

Our Year 12 students have shown resilience, determination, and an unwavering drive towards excellence in all aspects of their schooling. These achievements would not be possible without the pastoral attentiveness, hard work and support from our staff, parents and community.