Northholm Grammar HSC Success

Congratulations to the Class of 2022 on their excellent HSC results. With a global pandemic heavily influential in the background over their final two years of schooling, our students were superb in meeting the challenges of the HSC Examinations. The sacrifices were many during their learning journey, however, they did it with enormous resilience and character. It is with much pride to celebrate their achievements and recognise that our vision and commitment to academic growth and scholarship continues to be rewarded.

Northholm Grammar achieved some outstanding student academic performances which included:

• 88% of our students gained at least a Band 5 or Band 6.
• 46% of students achieved at least a Band 6.
• All subjects achieved above state average marks.
• Subjects that achieved significantly above State (more than 20%) for Band 6 results included: Chemistry, Drama, English Ext I, English Ext II, Legal Studies, Music I, PDHPE.
• 18% of our students achieve 3 or more Band 6 results (subject score over 90).

We congratulate the students, who Christopher Bradbury Principal, described as “a remarkable group of young men and women whose balanced sense of leadership and self-worth will leave a positive legacy within Northholm Grammar”.

We acknowledge the role of Northholm Grammar teachers in preparing, nurturing and empowering the Class of 2022.

As a final part of the trilogy is the Year 12 parents. The support, encouragement and love they have provided their sons and daughters, throughout their educational journey, is vital to such a remarkable achievement.

Our intention is to develop confident and compassionate students, who are effective contributors to society, successful learners, and responsible citizens.

As much as we are enormously proud of the academic achievements, what is particularly important is that it’s complimented with an equal desire in character development and pastoral attentiveness.

‘The Northholm Way’ is focused on a broad education centred on allowing students to grow as individuals and find their passions so they can lead a well-rounded life and contribute to a thriving society.

Our Year 12 students have again led by example through their involvement in the Duke of Edinburgh Program achieving seven Gold Awards, success in CAPA through nominations in Encore and their leadership in service education raising awareness and resources for Camp Quality and Kids Helpline.

It is our intention that scholarship is what our students will take from Northholm Grammar and leadership is what they will give to the world.