Weekly Classes held on:
Mon, Wed, Thurs from 7.30pm to 10.30pm
Tues 9am, & Wed 10am all day | Sat 1pm to 3pm

Invites you to join and enjoy the many activities the club promotes and teaches.

Skill Acquisition Opportunities

Our club run a number of classes, for minimal costs, where you can learn to cut and polish a range of gemstones in a range of different styles.

Learn the skills required to make your own Jewellery by Fabrication, Forming, Casting, Wire Wrapping and Enamelling.

The intricate art of Carving in bone and stone is taught by experienced instructors.

Club Field Trips are organised on a regular basis under the guidance of an experienced Field Trip Officer. Care is taken to ensure that people new to fossicking are taught the required skills to enable them to enjoy the thrill of finding their own gemstones, while experiencing the camaraderie of doing it in a friendly and social atmosphere.

Enjoy the friendly atmosphere with people from all walks of life who gladly assist one another to learn one or more of the Lapidary and Allied Crafts taught at our club.

We live our club motto of “share your Knowledge”.

Contact: Club rooms – [02]9484 0014 or visit our website www. or try Twitter: or Facebook: Club/273401459146