News from Galston High School


Galston High School was thrilled to present our biennial musical in July. Grease was a popular choice with our students and our audiences. Thank you to all of the primary schools and members of the community who attended the matinees on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the public performances on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, and our final show on Sunday afternoon.

Thank you to Katie Harmon, the Assistant Principal of Glenorie Public School, who wrote to the cast stating, “I was incredibly impressed by the show as were our Glenorie Stage 3 cohort and their teachers who returned to school after the Tuesday matinee ‘buzzing’ with excitement. Congratulations to the very talented cast, crew, band and production team at Galston High School for putting together a thoroughly enjoyable, professional musical of such high calibre. What a talented team of staff, students and community members you have at Galston High School and such wonderful advocates for Creative and Performing Arts. Can’t wait for the next musical!”