Galston Public School

Galston Public School students are currently having a very busy Term 3 indeed especially the wonderful group of choristers who recently performed in the Arts North Coral Festival at The Sydney Town Hall.

Congratulations to the Senior Choir, who under the tutelage of Mrs Bolger and Miss Mahoney sang a challenging repertoire of songs with the combined choir consisting of a wide range of Northern Sydney schools.

Education Week Open Day saw students participating in an Honour Assembly where the Senior Band and the Dance Group both gave superb performances. A Book Fair which was supported by parents who generously donated new and engaging books to the Library and open classrooms which offered a delightful time for parents and visitors alike to share their children’s efforts. Finally a picnic lunch was enjoyed by many families to conclude this wonderful day.

A combined K-2 Athletics Fun Day and Field Events Carnival was recently held in the school grounds. Well done to all those Kindergarten ‘first timers’ students for their enthusiastic participation and who had a ‘go’ with the activities. As well, those older students who also had ‘a go’ at the field events for the very first time.

Year 6 Peer Support Leaders recently completed a Training Day. This valuable training day was in readiness for this year’s Peer Support program which will run for 6 sessions on ‘Values’ – a module that aims to have students value one another’s strengths through encouraging positive group work. Students will be involved in activities to help them to learn strategies on how to show kindness, helpfulness and confidence in challenging situations by remembering to Pause, Plan and Proceed with resilient responses. Peer leaders have planned each session using the material from Peer Support Australia. Congratulations to the leaders for the commendable skills they displayed in running their first lesson and also to the K-5 students who showed respect and consideration by working so well in their peer groups.

If you would like to know more about our awesome school, please contact the school office (9653 2062) and all your questions will be happily answered.

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