News from UnitingCare Galston Early Learning Centre

The educators at Galston Early Learning Centre have had a reflective and inspiring month after attending the Uniting conference for 2017. The conference offered the opportunity for us to engage with many early childhood professionals from all around Australia. The educators were able to feel a sense of unity within the Uniting organisation as we work together to provide high quality early education and care.

On the day we had the opportunity to listen to Catharine Hydon who gave her perspective on ‘Child rights and agency’, as well as Dr Louise Porter who provided a presentation on ‘Guiding children’s behaviour’. These two keynote speakers encouraged us to open up our minds and be more intuitive – keeping children’s voices in the forefront of our day to day practises.

We left the conference feeling motivated to focus on two particular quotes that ran true with our shared values and beliefs.

“A child’s voice needs to be heard in every decision making process.”

“Our role is to coach children in making good choices.”

These two bold statements remind us about the importance of making good choices and knowing that your input is valued in all decision making processes. Over the next few months the educators will be working on coaching the children to use their problem solving skills while making choices or decisions and then reflecting upon them afterwards.

On behalf of all the educators at UnitingCare Galston Early Learning Centre we would like to thank Uniting for organising the conference and we are looking forward to using our gained knowledge throughout the upcoming months.

If you would like to come and have a look at the centre or ask any questions regarding our Educational Program please feel free to contact the Centre Director Daniela Balmer on 9653 1475.