News from Uniting Care Galston Early Learning Centre

We have had a positive start to the year, welcoming back our previous families as well as getting to know our new families that started in January. Due to the extreme weather conditions over the past couple of weeks, the children have spent many days inside engaging in interest based group projects.

Currently the children are showing great interest in the introduction of our pet Siamese Fighter Fish. Within the first few days of having our fish the children spent a lot of their time trying to decide on a name for our fish. After sharing their diverse ideas and opinions the children eventually decided upon calling our fish “Alan”.

The children were interested in extending upon their knowledge relating to different fish. They used a variety of tools like books, magazines, internet research and the use of their own knowledge which they were able to draw upon to make their own discoveries.

Throughout these discussions we have learnt a number of facts about Alan’s different body parts like his gills, scales, fins and his tail that are able to help him swim through water. The children were also concerned that Alan was very lonely in his fish bowl and so we decided to research into whether we should find a companion for him. However after reading our findings the children learnt that the Siamese Fighter Fish should be kept alone.

Later the children engaged in observational drawings of our pet fish Alan. The educators set up an area on the writing center table to induce conversation amongst the children as they worked. It was incredible to watch the thought process of each individual drawing, as they drew their very own interpretation of our fish Alan.

We will continue to further investigate and research fish/ sea life in the next few weeks to encourage the children to build a deeper understanding on their topic of interest.

If you would like to come and have a look at the centre or ask any questions regarding our Educational Program please feel free to contact the Centre Director Daniela Balmer on 9653 1475.

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