News from the Friends of Fagan Park

ONE OF OUR PRIZED EXHIBITS is the 1927 Chevrolet truck owned by the Somerville family. It is featured in the late Hedley Sommerville’s book “A Taste of Ginger” on the history of the family in Hornsby. Family Matriarch Del Somerville explains the occasion in her message, “Many thanks to the Friends of Fagan Park who made it possible on Sunday 14th July for a most enjoyable day celebrating a family Gender Reveal. It was most appreciated having the Somerville truck Annie Lorry put on display for family and friends to see.” By the way – it is going to be a boy!

The 1918 International truck restoration progresses steadily. The re-rubbering of the wheels has now been done down in Moss Vale, and they are to be delivered to the wheelwright near Bungendore for completion of new wooden centres. In the meantime, work continues on many fronts, with the steering box completed, awaiting delivery of piston rings which have had to be made to order, and chassis being sandblasted. This is such a messy and difficult job – any volunteers out there to help out? Attention is now focussed on getting rear axle, springs and associated fittings restored in readiness for when they can be refitted to the chassis.

The engine of the Ba-Vu orchard sprayer that destroyed itself a few months ago has been rebuilt and successfully started. We were so lucky to have purchased a second one, which has given us the necessary parts. Hopefully we can complete this project soon without further mishap and display it in October.

We are heartened by the number of visitors who comment that they have been following progress at Fagan Park through this publication. Please keep the feedback coming, and especially let us know if you would like more or perhaps less detail.

A reminder to all that our next full-day open day is Sunday of the October long weekend, 6th October. Come for a picnic in the park and pay us a visit!

The Fagan Park museums and Netherby Homestead are open every Tuesday, our volunteering day, and we open the museums on the second Sunday each month during the afternoon. All visitors are welcome.

We would especially like to encourage people to join our group, and ladies are most welcome. Contact me at the park on a Tuesday or phone anytime.

Ian Browning, Honorary Curator, 0419 435 475.