News From History Cottage

What would you pack in your suitcase? That is what our April guest speaker, Judith Dunn OAM, had to decide when her family prepared to migrate to Australia. Her father had made each member of the family a wooden suitcase and into it must go the only items she was allowed to take.

From such a simple question Judith developed an enthralling story of a family’s journey to achieve a better life in a new country. From migrant hostel in western Sydney, to proud owners of their own home, to higher education and a commitment to better the community in which they lived. Her tale, she insists, is not uncommon as every migrant has a story.

Judith’s presentation also illustrated what a multicultural society Australia has become. Maybe we live in a bubble but members were amazed at the diversity of cultures so close by.

On the 4th May the Society will mount an exhibit in the Arcadia Public School as part of the Arcadia Market and History Week activities. It is a chance to see what is available News From History Cottage for research at History Cottage.

The guest speaker for the 2.00pm 11th May meeting will be Professor Don Napper; his subject will be the architect William Wilkinson Wardell. Join us for an interesting talk and afternoon tea.

On Saturday 1st June between 10.00am and 4.00pm, there will be an information day on Calabash Road. Past and present residents, and those keen to learn more about our local history, are invited to gather for a chat, exchange stories and research the Society’s maps and documents.