The friends of Fagan Park is returned to our Tuesday volunteering duties, restarting on 2nd June, when the restrictions were eased, allowing 10 persons. It has taken quite an effort to pick up where we left off. We also opened the museums to the public on Sunday afternoon, 14th June, when there were large numbers of visitors making the most of recent relaxation in activities.

On Tuesday 9th June, I realised a conspiracy was evolving when a number of our ex-members and friends appeared at morning tea time, when a cake was unveiled in honour of the three recent significant birthdays amongst us. The cake decoration read “The Three Zeros” with a single candle, “0”. Reaching the milestones 80, 90 and 80 respectively, were Ian Browning, Allan Foy, and Rob Dewey, Allan also reaching his 25th year of volunteering with the Friends of Fagan Park. It was a very enjoyable occasion, and special mention is made of Max Smith, 94, who was brought out for the occasion.

I know that many readers follow our 1918 International truck restoration with interest, and I can report that good progress is being made with rebuilding of the engine. It uses ‘splash’ lubrication, meaning that the rotation of the engine simply splashes oil around inside, and hopefully enough reaches where it is needed. This is one reason engines of the era were quite short-lived, generally speaking. From the 1930’s, virtually all car engines used pressure fed lubrication, and combined with better oils and the use of filters, leads to the long life that can be expected of modern-day engines. We are working on many aspects of the project at the one time, and will report any significant milestones.

As you can see, once hooked as a volunteer at Fagan Park, you are likely to stay committed. We are the custodians of a wonderful collection and its history. So why don’t you contact us and come and see what we are about. We are a convivial and caring bunch.

If you would like to contact us, call Ian 0419 435 475, or Vern 0405 703 413.

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