Neighbourhood Noise

Hosting a summer pool party? Or planning a big weekend on the lawn mower ahead of Christmas Day? Summer and the festive season are times for celebration but it’s important to make sure you’re being a nice neighbour and reducing noise where possible.

In residential areas there are restrictions on when certain Neighbourhood noises can be made — from power tools to parties. Here are some tips for working with the rules and for thinking of others during the noisiest time of the year!

Let your neighbours know in advance if you are going to be doing something noisy like having a party, doing building work or using a chainsaw.

Play musical instruments during the day behind closed doors, to minimise noise.

Think about your neighbours when installing equipment. Place air conditioners and hot water heat pumps away from your neighbours’ bedroom and living room windows or have the equipment acoustically shielded.

Enclose pool and spa pumps to muffle the noise, and run pumps only within the permitted times.

Most importantly, discuss your concerns with the person causing the noise. Often people do not realise how loud they are being and are happy to turn down or stop the noise.

You can find more information on Neighbourhood Noise at the EPA website, here:…/noise/neighbourhood-noise