Arcadian Quilters News in Christmas Day

Welcome everyone to 2022, with a new year ahead we can review all those resolutions and good ideas we had last year; see just what is appropriate and be truthful … just where we might be prepared to make a change? One change our family made at the end of last year was to celebrate Christmas Day at the home of one of our daughters.

We do plan to move the venue between the families in future years. No longer will we choose to celebrate at our family home every year … (no objection from this cook) … so we tried this out … only to be disrupted by health alerts !! Like many families we experienced the ‘on again off again on again’ merry-go-round.

We did make it, sharing with our family, our grandchildren, a dog and the lovely home cooked Christmas food. Another sharing event was our Quilters Lunch which was held at our President’s home several days before Christmas.

Happily, for us, quilting and cooking do seem to go together very well and our lunch was exceptional.

Our plans for the coming year were discussed with the hope that we can be back in our home venue as soon as possible. However the health restrictions remain for the time being so ‘meetings in the park’ will suit us just fine!!

Stay in touch with friends, enjoy these early months of our year and stay well.

For further information about us please contact Carole on 9894 7749.
We meet on the 1st, 3rd and the 5th Wednesday of each month at 9.30 am at the Community Health Centre, The Glade, Galston.