National Stroke Week

Every step counts towards a healthy life 

This National Stroke Week (September 3-9) the Stroke Foundation is spreading the word that 80 percent of strokes can be prevented by living a healthy lifestyle.

Given there will be more than 56,000 strokes in 2018 alone, now is the perfect time for Australians of all ages to make small steps to improve their health and reduce their stroke risk.

Steps include increasing physical activity, eating a balanced diet, moderating alcohol consumption, avoiding smoking and managing blood pressure and cholesterol.

More than 2300 community activities will be held across the country during National Stroke Week. Activities range from free health checks, to morning teas, information stalls, talks from stroke survivors and personal or team fundraising challenges.

Why should you care?

• Stroke can impact anyone of any age.

• There is currently one stroke every nine minutes and that is on track to reach one every four minutes by 2050.

• The burden of stroke in Australia has risen quickly in the past two decades, not only impacting individuals, but those who love them most and the health system.

Ensure you know the FAST signs

• F – Facial drooping

• A – Arm weakness

• S – Speech difficulties

• T – Time. If you notice any of the above symptons, time is of the essense. Call the emergency services or go to the hospital.

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