My Life at Hillside Public School is a Blast!

Our senior students were asked what makes Hillside such a great school.

My life at Hillside Public School is amazing! It’s one of the best choices I have ever made. Because there is not too many people in the school, so you get more attention from your teacher, your able to do lots of fun activities whilst still learning. You know everyone, so it’s easy to make friends. We have a pantomime every 2 years, everyone is included and it’s so much fun! We have talent shows, discos, mufti days and many more fun and enjoyable activities in the school. I love Hillside I know you will too!

Hillside Public School it great! Even though it is a small school there are tons of benefits. You can interact with the teachers more making it easier to work because you can get help, while at a bigger school it would take forever to help everyone because there are up to like 20+ students there. It is also quieter, sometimes. There is also a mix of grades playing with each other at recess and lunch. As a year six leader you get many responsibilities like organising sport, running the library. At school everyone gets to use everything because there is enough for everyone like sports equipment for the basketball/tennis court or hula hoops to do tricks with and so much more. These are just some of the advantages about being at a small school.

My life at Hillside Public School is a blast! You have small classes, so it is easier to concentrate, and you receive more assistance from the teacher. I started here in year 2 and I thought it would be hard to make friends, but it really is not because Hillside is so welcoming. The advantage at being at a small school is that you get to be a year 6 leader, which is an amazing experience. You learn how to be a role model to the younger students, you plan sport, you have priorities, and you always have fun. I have not regretted moving to Hillside.

My time at Hillside so far has been unforgettable, the sports carnivals, pantomimes, French days, talent shows and muffin Mondays. At lunch you can play basketball, tennis and there is a huge playground to play in too! You have more representative opportunities, especially in my favourite area, sport. I wish I came in kindergarten!

Written by Emilia, Christiana, Harry, and Rebecca

It was wonderful to welcome our 2023 Kindergarten students and their parents at our Kindergarten Orientation Days. We look forward to them joining us again for our Teddy Bears Picnic on Wednesday 30th November.

Please contact the school office on 02 9652 1459 to organise a tour of our awesome school. Every day is Open Day at Hillside!