Challenging Minds, Creating Futures

Northholm Grammar is driven by a deep belief that every student is capable of successful learning and we value ‘learning through scholarship’ which is about encouraging intellectual rigour, independent thinking and valuing academic study and achievement.

Northholm seeks to create an environment where every learner is valued so that each student can reach their potential in pursing their passions and interests. We want our students to be challenged and to develop a love of learning so they can harness the intellectual habits that will allow them to be independent and confident members of the community. It is our intention that scholarship is what our students will take from Northholm and leadership is what they will give to the world.

Strong academics and rigour lie at the heart of a Northholm education. Over the past three years, Northholm has achieved the most significant academic growth in comparison to other schools in HSC performances. Students at Northholm are academically challenged, encouraged to serve others, find their purpose and live with compassion and integrity. Committed to “Challenging minds, Creating futures.”

Northholm Grammar offers Scholarships to continuing and potential new students entering Years 5, 7 and 11. We welcome and encourage students from all backgrounds to experience our personalised, holistic education. Northholm offers All Round, Music and Academic Scholarships to students who are determined, self-disciplined and strive to achieve excellence in all facets of school life.

For students wishing to apply for an Academic Scholarship, the School seeks individuals who demonstrate outstanding academic results across all subject areas. Music Scholarships are awarded to students who in addition to outstanding academic achievement, demonstrate exceptional musical talent. Music is a vital part of life at Northholm; more than one third of students at the School are involved in a music ensemble at any time with a broad range of instruments including woodwind, brass, string, percussion or vocal offered for study. All Round Scholarship are offered to students who demonstrate excellence and commitment in other non-academic fields in addition to their academic work. The All Round Scholarship caters to students who travel their own individual path and may have a range of talents in areas such as Performing or Visual Arts, Debate, Public Speaking, Sport, Leadership and Community Service.

Northholm welcomes applications from students who will flourish in an academically rigorous and supportive learning environment and who will play an active role in the life of the School.

Scholarship applications for students entering Year 5, 7 and 11 in 2024 are now open (closing 6th February 2023).

To find out more please visit our website at scholarships or contact our Head of Enrolments on 9656 2000.