More Free Native Plants!

A generous donor (Michael King) has provided more funds and enabled Landcare to offer free local native plants to landowners who live in Hornsby Council’s rural area, or Hills Shire along Old Northern Road. We want the plants to go to people who are clearing privet or lantana or other weeds and who wish to revegetate with native plants. Also those who want to revegetate their roadside nature strip, or create a wildlife corridor or a similar activity.

If that sounds like you, contact me (Barry Lees) on 9653 3691. I will help you work out what plants would suit your property from those available at several native Nurseries. We will then work out how the plants will be picked up. The minimum number of plants will be 1 tray of 40 tubes. Plants can include trees, shrubs or groundcovers. Trays and tubes are to be returned to me at Galston when you have finished with them.

You cannot buy local native plants from retail nurseries, so this is a special opportunity. They are top quality. I look forward to hearing from you.

For more information about our Landcare group, go to or Facebook.