Middle Dural school welcomes an exciting 2017!

Imagine a school where your child didn’t fly under the radar, was treated and heard for their individual needs. Bullying didn’t even really happen as all teachers have time to deal with behavior. Your child had a sense of belonging and felt like they were always heard and cared for. Walking in the gates of the school grounds, you just felt like this is a good place. I understand that no school is perfect but this school is so close to it. So many families drive past this school on the way to a more high pressured, over crowded, bigger school, with bigger classes because bigger is better right? They don’t consider schools like ‘Middle Dural public school’ because it’s small? If we add up all the budget of teachers, Staff, grounds people etc divided by the number of students equals the amount that some spent at an elite private school. The student/ staff ratio is gold! This school exists all under our own nose, here in the Hills District. I, as a parent, took the risk of moving my son to a small school and haven’t looked back. So, if this only reaches a couple of families who often wonder about our current school system, thinking there’s no other option, well there is! My child was actually happy at the school he was at when I moved him over but wanted to try this small school system and he is now thriving! I’ve spoken to most parents at the school and they feel the same. So I just wanted to let the secret out that there’s been a quite a few parents gone before you all, to try this system and and it works for all! Please feel free to ring Middle Dural school office, to ask for yourself how this school could work for you.

Even if this article only reaches and means anything to a couple of people, I felt like this news is worth sharing. Keeping our kids, kids a little longer! Small schools have larger opportunities for each child! It is everything the large schools offer except your kids have to participate and never miss out. Good news!

Give Middle Dural a call. Middle Dural 9651-1761 Principal: Ann Mills

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