Middle Dural Rural Fire Brigade News

We have had a run of glorious weather, but dry and very windy, so once again, the fire season is here. Our Brigade went to several fires in winter, one a pile burn that got away. We also finished off the Wyoming Road hazard reduction, next to Langford Road. Many thanks to members of other Brigades that took part in this burn: Annangrove, Glenhaven, Glenorie, Maroota, Round Corner and North Rocks. Thanks Guys, you’re Legends! Many of the properties have fences going to the edge of the gully so access was sometimes challenging.

Fire has a nasty habit of getting into tree roots, under green grass, or into peaty matter, in a silent and potentially devastating manner. Our picture shows the base of a beautiful, apparently healthy, Sydney red gum, ten days after a hazard reduction this year. There was no indication of fire anywhere in this tree until three days afterwards when smoke was sighted coming out the leaf canopy. Was it an ember, or fire travelling underground invisibly along a root? We don’t know, but, importantly, you should be aware of the potential for this to happen when you light a fire.

From the day the fire season is declared, you must not burn any pile or any bush. If you have a compelling need to burn a pile, you must obtain a permit from your local fire brigade (Middle Dural Senior Deputy Ken Middleton 0417 203 088). You may have a barbecue if the fire is in a permanently constructed fireplace; at a site surrounded by ground that is cleared of all combustible materials for a distance of at least two metres all around; and if the fire is completely extinguished before you leave it.

Check with The Hills District Office (9654 1244), if you have any doubts.

Training is ongoing. Some of our members attended a Refresher course on the use of fire-fighting foam, which acts as a fire retardant and holds water where it’s wanted.

The members of Middle Dural Brigade wish all our residents a wonderful, but safe and fire-free summer.