Middle Dural Public School – Term 2

Anzac Day was a day of pride and respect by Middle Dural Public School.

What a wonderful start to term 2. Our students returned full of beans, with more curiosity for learning. Delighted, happy teachers greeted each child as they arrived.

We completed term 1 with a joyous Easter Family day; parents and children enjoyed picnicking together in the gorgeous sunshine, followed by some great games and hand and eye coordination challenges, ending with the fantastic art pieces, the hats the children created. Many very proud children wearing their creations paraded to the absolute delight of the parents and teachers.

Anzac Day was a day of pride and respect by Middle Dural Public School. Term 2 has kicked off with some fantastic opportunities for the children to enjoy alongside their class learning with our amazing teachers.

Our theme for learning this term is ‘Change’. Students learning History, Geography, Science, and the Arts will be mainly centred around this exciting topic.

Term 2We welcomed a visit from Mr Tim McCallum (Executive Director in School Performance) and Mr Adam Boulus(Director of Educational Leadership). They visited our classrooms as we undertook our morning lessons, and as always, our students were well mannered and focused.


Our students conducted themselves admirably throughout the whole service. Congratulations to our School Captain, Makayla and Olivia, on their faultless readings in front of such a large audience. You made us incredibly proud.

Term 2 has also highlighted and hosted TheSmall Schools Cross Country along with Hillside Public School, and what a cracking day it was! P&C put on a marvellous sausage sizzle and food stall with some of our amazing parents putting their hand up to participate in the fun. We even had Dad, Disco Danny, who set his marshal point up with some cool tunes cranking out to keep the kids in their running spirit.

Twelve of our superstars have made it through to the next stage; WOW! We are thrilled for them and wish them all the best at ZONE.

Mothers Day was a joyous afternoon. Mums were greeted at the assembly door with a lovely juice or sparkling water in a glass complete with straw and garnish. If that wasn’t enough, tables had also been laid beautifully with superb platters abundant with fruit, cheese, and veggie sticks along with napkins and a beautiful rose, selected by each child to give to their Mums.

Thank you so much to our dearest Principal, Ann Mills, for this kind gesture. How lucky we are to have such an amazing woman running our gorgeous School.

The children sang a most beautiful song, especially for all of our marvellous Mums; it was touching and so thoughtful. How lucky our Mums are to have such gorgeous children and a school that appreciates them. Simply Delightful.

NAPLAN has been done and dusted, and we congratulate our students on their hard work.

Always remember the open Day is every Day at MiddleDural Public School. We welcome you to pop in and see us, look around and see how delightful our classes are run by dedicated teachers who love their job and the happy, wonderful children who get so much attention and care.

Small Schools Rule! We look forward to meeting you.

Please call us anytime to visit, or for any questions you may like to ask. Lizzy 0458-637-404

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