Mick Gallagher to run for Federal Seat

Having recently stood as ‘Your True Fairdinkum Independent’ candidate for electorate of Hornby in the recent NSW State election, Mick Gallagher of Mt Colah will now stand as a candidate for the Federal seat of Berowra in the upcoming 2019 Federal election on Saturday 18 May.

“I thank all those who supported me at the NSW state election and now call upon your support for the Federal election,” says Mick.

Mick is a former Naval Officer, Teacher and Mayor/Councillor of Hornsby Shire who over the years has been involved in many community groups and projects.

Mick’s message to voters is Never give the major parties your number one vote. They don’t deserve it. Number all the boxes according to your own choice. Put the party you definitely don’t want, last.

“We want Democracy by the People. Not Party dictatorship,” says Mick.

Some issues raised by Mick include: Climate change, Over-development, Over population, Destruction of the environment, Excessive power bills, Double tax on fuel (Fuel tax + GST), Inadequate infrastructure, and the Selling off of Australia’s assets.

“As an ex-serviceman, I find it difficult to comprehend that we have a Defence Force which is supposedly there to defend Australia (the land, the people, and its assets) whilst successive Liberal and Labor governments have been selling off the country behind our backs,” says Mick.

The Berowra Federal electorate covers from Annangrove/Cattai in the west to Hornsby/Brooklyn in the east and from Wisemans Ferry in the north to Beecroft/West Pennant Hills in the south.

For further information: contact Mick on email: [email protected] or mobile 0418 112 675.