By Susanna Mills

Your cycling dreams may have to be Merry and Bright with what’s in stock, not with what you want…

2020 lockdowns of gyms, pools and all team ball sports happened in tandem with factory shut downs overseas. This caused a market shift of tectonic proportions, with a subsequent Tsunami of demand for bicycles for socially distanced recreation, exercise and an alternative to using public transport.

So great has been global demand, that development and production backlogs of bicycles are not expected to be addressed until who knows when in 2021. And due to increased demand and limited supply, Christmas retail prices for that shiny new bike are at an all-time high. There’s also been a related spike in bicycle theft, so please don’t leave your nice, shiny bicycles unattended! There’s naughty, ne’er do well Elves loitering everywhere now, casing out all the habitual bike lean spots. Resist being tempted to buy from cash and carry shops- aka ‘supermarket special’ bikes. Insurers won’t insure them because there is no quality control along the supply chain and most supermarkets don’t offer after-sales servicing or warranties anyway. Your local bicycle shop will not repair these bikes either because of libel concerns and while on the subject of repairs… well. Expect a lead time of 2-3 weeks before your bicycle can be fixed at any cycle shop throughout Greater Sydney!

So Santa says, “Be good little boys and girls and look after your bicycles… now, more than ever before and do remember children, to choose (your bike) wisely.”

So if you are fortunate enough to receive a two-wheeled delivery from Santa under the Christmas Tree, the next question is “Where can I ride it ?” The answer is to relax and settle down with your copy of the Galston & Glenorie Community News every month, where a local bike ride option (near or far, road or dirt) is published. Or, if you are fond of scrolling a device of choice with mince pies and a cuppa on the side, a collection of local road or mtb ride options can be researched via the author’s blog:

Buying Pre-Loved Bikes?
Support ‘The Recycling Shed’ at Fairfield City Showground in Prairiewood where Western Sydney Cycling Network has a team of volunteers who repair donated bicycles and make them available to the community. Since 2006, WSCN has recycled thousands of bicycles and prices start from as little as $25 for a kid’s bike. Contact 04 0332 3273

Buying New Bikes? Here’s a Local List
Bicycles Online: 8599 2209

Castle Hill: 99 Bikes: 7809 4939

Dural: The Odd Spoke: 9653 9388

Hornsby: Kuringai Cycles: 9987-0750

Hornsby: Sydney Electric bikes: 0411 897 760

Rouse Hill: Trek Concept Store: 8883 2999

Thornleigh: Cyclesport: 9484 2033

Thornleigh: Giant Concept Store: 8914 9030

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