Mad About Reading At Galston High School!

In Week 2 of Term 4, Galston High School hosted the most significant event in the library calendar, Book Week.

Book Week is a celebration centred around the announcement of the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s (CBCA) prestigious Book of the Year award. It provides schools, teachers, students and lovers of literature all across Australia to celebrate outstanding works of Australian-written Children’s and Young Adult fiction and to celebrate the captivating power of a good story.

As always, Galston High School students celebrate their love of reading through a range of activities that run over the week. The week begins with Murder Mystery Monday in which students work through a list of fictional suspects, weapons and locations, racing around the school to find clues in a giant game of literary Cluedo.

The highlight of Book Week, Transfiguration Tuesday, saw students and staff transformed into their favourite book, comic or manga character in some truly dazzling costumes.

On Wadda Ya Know Wednesday, students put their knowledge of mystical creatures from popular picture books and Young Adult fiction as well as the Children’s Book of the Year award, to work. Throw Rug Thursday saw the frenetic pace of activity slow down with students and staff visiting the library for a picturesque picnic in the grounds of the Waddell Cottage, where everyone had the chance to eat and snuggle up with a free hot chocolate while escaping into a good book.

Book Week wrapped up with Croquet Friday and a wacky game of Flamingo Croquet. Inspired by Alice’s croquet match with the Red Queen in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, students had to navigate an obstacleladen course in as few hits as possible.

Galston High School loved celebrating Book Week and can’t wait to do it all again next year!

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