M9 – Should we be Concerned?

There has been several reports in the national press and more locally on facebook about the letters received by some residents in Oakville and Maraylya who have been advised that their property falls within the proposed M9 route. This has caused community action groups to form and public meetings to be held. Some changes have occurred to the Bells Line of Road section, but, as far as we have heard, not the route through Maraylya.

Now Maraylya is not that far from Glenorie, so residents might be concerned as to what happens after Maraylya.

No details appear to be available about where this road might continue to, but there was a Strategic Review 2002 looking at options to take traffic from the west, north, bypassing Sydney. Three routes were considered, A, B & C. C was chosen which is the NorthConnex tunnel currently being built. Interestingly C passes through Maraylya.

Here are some of the maps appearing online. The proposed road which stops in Maraylya, residents are calling it ‘the road to nowhere’. Maybe one day it will go somewhere, but when, who knows….

The Glenorie Progress Association is following this story, and will publish updates as they are received.

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