“Lynnes Legs”

By Lynne Newey

Cranstons Trail/O’Hara’s Creek Fire Trail Easy to Moderate 2.75 km. to the creek, half an hour return.

This walk starts at the end of Cranstons Road, Middle Dural. Park in the cul-de-sac, it is safe and plenty of space. I chose early morning as it was lovely and cool and a quick walk as I was by myself and only wanted to go as far as the creek and back.

The beginning of the trail is gated but easy to enter either around or over. I started off at a comfortable (slowish) pace. I’ve done this walk many times with my dog and love it, particularly when the wild bush flowers are all out on display in Spring. Well, I had a lovely welcome at the start by two early bird horses bidding me a good morning. Off I went on a flat trail, a lot of loose stone/rocks and sandy. Half way down is a large rock ledge platform off to the right. I used to sit here with my dog and just ‘breathe’ and contemplate. It’s the beginning of the main descent to the creek and looks out over the valley to Kenthurst. It turns a bend here and goes downhill for about 500 metres. Make sure you bend your knees as you go and watch your footing for all the loose stones.

There is still lots of red Christmas Bush breaking up the green scenery. Banksias everywhere. A few sounds of animals scurrying away from my footsteps, however, I didn’t see anything to note. Plenty of noise from the cicadas though. At the bottom, just before the creek, is an open grassy area with some shade. It’s a bit overgrown at the moment but a nice place to have a sit and maybe a drink and snack. I took some photos of the creek here and of course you can cross it and keep walking along the track if you want, all the way to Kenthurst. Today I would have had to have taken my joggers off to cross the creek as it was a lot fuller and wider for just one leap.

I took a breath then turned and picked up my pace as I wanted to push myself more and work off a few of those Christmas calories. It’s all up-hill from here (well at least for 500 metres) and fabulous for the glutes and calves!! I snapped a couple of photos and was back at the start gate at no time feeling very happy for an exhilarating walk and exercise in our glorious bush surrounds again!! If you would like a walking buddy and know of different/interesting walks (all levels) in our area – please contact me Lynne 0407 411 933.

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