Lower Portland Ferry update

The operation of the Lower Portland Ferry is managed by Hawkesbury and Hills Shire Councils. The contract to run the ferries is renewed every 4 years. We understand that the existing operator has decided not to continue for another 4 years .

The other ferries, ie Wisemans Ferry, Webbs Creek Ferry and Sackville Ferry are operated under a contract with Birdon Sydney Vehicular Ferries which is managed by Transport NSW.

When the last contract for Lower Portland Ferry was put out to tender in 2019, it showed that it only ferried around 500 cars per week. The annual running costs at that time was just over $1M.

The Wisemans and Webbs Creek communities have commented that Birdon Vehicular Ferries provides a good service and their facebook page keeps locals up to date with low tide issues and break-downs.  Lets hope they are considered by Council as a temporary solution at Lower Portland, until a new contractor is found.

We will keep you updated as news comes to hand as to the ongoing operation of the Lower Portland Ferry