Learning Opportunities at Hillside

This term we are fortunate to have students from Galston High School coaching all of our students in a variety of sports. Netball, volleyball, cricket and touch football are the sports being taught to our students. It is wonderful watching the enjoyment on our students’ faces when being encouraged and praised by the high school students. We are delighted to help the high school students learn the valuable coaching skills as a mandatory element of their Physical Activity and Sports Studies.

At Hillside the students are fortunate to be involved in many outstanding learning experiences. Our vegetable garden and small orchard are crucial in our outdoor learning environment. Our families have enjoyed the bountiful harvest of zucchinis, rocket, tomatoes and capsicum. The highlight has been the harvest of our corn crop. Every student was able to take home a cob of corn to enjoy for dinner. The harvest of corn was the culmination of the science unit ‘Growth and Change’ for our Stage 1 students.

At the beginning of the year the students germinated corn seeds, and with the help of their older buddies planted the seedlings in the vegetable garden. After 12 weeks watching their corn plants growing taller and taller the students were able to harvest their corn. A wonderful learning experience for our students. All students participate in French lessons which incorporate a variety of teaching strategies. Whether it is through song, games, interactive online programs or formal lessons the students thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to learn another language.

Music has always been a strong feature of the diversified curriculum at Hillside. Students have the opportunity to learn a variety of instruments from percussion, recorder, drums or keyboard. The students are taught how to read scores to well-known tunes and songs. They enjoying the challenge of collaborating with peers to write their own melodies when working with percussion instruments.

Last year our Touch Football Team finished fourth in the NSW PSSA Small Schools Knockout competition. Our students are looking forward to participating in the competition again this year. The first round will be held at Hillside early next team against our peers from Maroota Public School. The Small Schools competition enables schools to enjoy the challenge of participating against other schools. Our primary students learn new skills and promotes healthy exercise.

If you are looking for a school where every child is an individual and is allowed to develop at his or her own speed, then Hillside is your school. Please call the school office for more information. Every day is Open Day at Hillside 9652 1459