It’s a long swim to Adelaide

If someone had told me that Saturday morning swimming lessons would quickly evolve into a two week long swimming carnival in Adelaide, I would have said they were balmy. But sure enough, 8 of our talented swimmers from Galston have made that incredible transition, qualifying for the prestigious Australian Swimming Championships.

Laura Boll and Jack Charlton have both qualified in multiple events for the open Australian Championships, which are held in the first week. Laura and Jack will be up against the likes of Kate and Bronte Campbell, Kyle Chalmers and Cam McEvoy.

In week two, the Australian Age Championships begin, where Daniel Steer, Sam Loria , Talijah Tietie, Jye McLachlan , Olivia Charlton (sister of the famous Jack) and Marius Boll (brother of the famous Laura) will compete. Marius has qualified for a massive 4 events and Jye a whopping 5!! Go Galston!!

A massive thankyou to Dural Pool Shop whose major sponsorship of the club has helped offset the incredible cost of getting these tuned athletes, along with Coach Stacy Harding to Adelaide. The exciting news I wrote about last month will be announced next month…stay tuned.