Information for Rescuing Native Animals

Looking through recent Social Media posts from the local area I have noticed a lot of posts questioning where people can find help for the removal and/or rescue of a variety of creatures found on their property. If you find an injured native animal or bird, your first point of call should either be WIRES, or your local Vet – if you are able to transport the animal to them in a safe manner.

Most Vets have affiliations with native animal care groups and organisations so they can hold the animal for a check over and pass on to a carer for rehabilitation and release.

Don’t try and catch a snake – leave this to the licensed experts. Most will charge a fee for this, but weigh this up with the alternative of being bitten, and you will see that it is well worth the cost!

Possums can be pesky but they are a Protected Species in NSW. Under certain circumstances, if Possums are causing destruction to residential properties, they may be caught and released by licensed catchers, and fees are also applied.

If you are unlucky enough to see a Funnel Web on your property follow these guidelines:

  • Find a glass jar with a wide mouth
  • Remove the lid and pierce it with air holes Invert the jar over the spider but take care as funnel webs are highly defensive and may strike (they cannot jump or climb glass)
  • When the spider is in the jar, slide a piece of heavy cardboard or solid plastic under the opening to completely cover it Invert the jar, keeping the top covered
  • Check the spider is in the bottom, carefully drop a moist cotton bud into the jar with the spider, then put on the lid
  • Keep it away from direct sun and heat

Drop off points for Funnel Webs are listed in the table.

Information for Rescuing Native Animal Information for Rescuing Native Animal