Hornsby Hospital Update

Hornsby Hospital recently to welcome a new batch of interns who have started their careers at our hospital. 17 junior doctors will start rounds at Hornsby and I know their drive and commitment will see them improve the lives of thousands in our community.

It’s an honour to have these dedicated professionals at Hornsby Hospital and I wish them the best of luck as they start their long and distinguished careers.

The hospital will also be holding a number of ‘pop up’ stalls where you can experience the stage 2 building, currently in construction, in 3D. Wearing virtual reality goggles you can walk through the new building and experience firsthand what the building will look like.

The technology which is leading the way in hospital redevelopments, is helping staff ensure they get the best possible outcome from each department. The $200 million stage 2 redevelopment will be home to a number of departments including Intensive care, cardiac care and pediatrics.

I made it my number one priority when elected in 2011 to improve the services at Hornsby Hospital and I am proud to have delivered $320 million in that time to bring ensure our hospital is a state-of-the-art medical facility that can services our community both now and into the future.