Hillside Public School

The school works like a big family in many ways. The children mix with older and younger peers in and out of the classroom. It allows them to develop wonderful peer relationships, they have a great respect for each other, their teachers and they take great pride in the Hillside school.

“I just wanted to say how happy it made me feel to know that there is such a good morale at Hillside between all the children.”

With fewer students in each class, meaningful connections between teachers and students can emerge from day one. Trust can be built and a mutual understanding of each other can happen. Teachers are able to get to know each student’s individual capabilities and can spend more time focusing on what each student needs to succeed, how to keep them excited and engaged, and can determine the areas where they may need extra support.

  • Thank you for providing such an amazing environment for our children to grow and learn, and for giving so much love and attention to every single child as an individual.
  • Thank you all so much for all you have done this year! We appreciate you all so much. Moving to Hillside was the best decision we have made. Thank you!
  • We are very thankful that you are our teachers, and we are growing up with your passionate teaching and abundant care.
  • Thank you to all my teachers for everything you do for us. I have learnt so much.
  • To all you legends, words cannot express how much we appreciate you all.
  • We appreciate your wisdom, care, and guidance.
  • Thank you for being the most amazing school.
  • Thank you so much for your kind, calm, and welcoming ways! You do so much to care for and teach the students at our wonderful school. It is an amazing, warm, consistent, and caring environment you have created for our students and school community.

Please contact our amazing school via phone on 02 9652 1459 or email at
[email protected] to book a tour, find out more information or request a school brochure.