Hills Harmony Chorus

In June this year, Hills Harmony Chorus is opening its doors to the public with “a cappella for fellas”, a “learn to sing” program designed to help men learn to sing or to improve their singing enjoyment.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never had any previous singing experience or training or whether your perfect singing spot is in the bathroom (who doesn’t love singing in the shower!) If your family or friends are always saying to you “go on, you love singing, go and join a choir or something”, or, if you’d simply love to give singing a go, then….. Hills Harmony is absolutely the place for you.

“A cappella for fellas” is to be held each Thursday night from 7:30 PM over 5 successive weeks commencing June 6 in the gym of the Kellyville Anglican Church, 45 President Road Kellyville. The last and 5th week of the program will be a concert for your family members and any friends you may like to invite where they will see you will share the stage with Hills Harmony.

The learn to sing program will offer interesting and informative evenings in which participants will learn a new song and experience the joy and fun of singing 4 part harmony in a choir of 20+ male voices.

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The underlying theme of the Chorus is that singing is a hobby and that it should be fun. While maintaining that spirit, the Chorus nevertheless has a healthy focus on quality and encourages its members with music and vocal education.

Hills Harmony sings in the barbershop style of close harmony and is an all-male chorus and a member of the Australian Barbershop Harmony Association.

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