Hidden in the Hills: Sydney Wildlife Carers

It is more than likely that when driving along roads in and around the Sydney Hills District that you may have seen an animal on the side of the road that has been hit and possibly killed by a motor vehicle.

It is also likely that you may not be aware of a group of dedicated wildlife carers who are called out to render assistance to these animals, as in some instances they may still be alive. In many cases, the wallaby, possum or wombat may be a female carrying a joey. Frequently, the joey survives the impact that results whilst in its mother pouch.

These are selfless people who will come to the rescue of our native wildlife and wherever possible will look after any orphaned young, nurturing them until they are old enough to fend for themselves before returning them back into the bushland nearby to where the rescue took place.

One such group operating in the Hills area is called “Sydney Wildlife” who will answer their phone number 9413 4300 any time of the day in order to attend to any animal or bird that may be injured in some way. These compassionate people perform their caring task, usually in their own home and frequently at their own expense.

Sydney Wildlife can also assist with advice on how local residents are able to provide habitat protection for many native creatures, including reptiles, echidnas, possums and birds, that may venture into residential backyards, and need protection from prowling predators such as cats, dogs and foxes. – BY LACHLAN TURNER