Help Your Body Work Smarter Not Harder


Starting any new business takes tenacity and a passionate belief in the product and this is exactly what Bing brings to her business Hypoxi Studio Hornsby.

Bing, a mother of three, who has worked in the beauty industry for many years found that after the birth of her children her body shape and skin tone had altered and she no longer had the body confidence which she once had. Working in the industry she became aware of the world wide franchise of Hypoxi, a body shaping method. Bing committed herself to the treatment and her confidence in herself and her image were soon restored.

Bing, a local to Hornsby, was so impressed with the system that she was determined to share it with others and has now launched her Hypoxi Studio in Florence St, Hornsby.

In the mid 90’s Austrian scientist Dr. Norbert Egger noticed that many women at his fitness studios were unable to shift their problem areas even with intensive exercise or diet changes. He knew that fat is burned by movement in areas where tissue was best supplied with blood. Together with a team of scientists and engineers they developed a training device which combines pressure therapy and exercise and undertook a landmark study on 5300 women. The results were so profound that Hypoxi was launched into production that same year. To see more please visit how_it_works

The Hypoxi Method combines low impact exercise with vacuum and compression technology and healthy nutrition to supercharge your body’s natural fat burning system. Hypoxi helps your body work smarter not harder.

Mary’s experience: Bing kindly offered me a free trial and with an excess of stubborn deposits to experiment with, I eagerly accepted. I found the whole experience transformational. I can’t say that I noticed results but I truly felt that the system did agitate fatty deposits at a basal level. Apart from what I believed it was doing I loved the feeling of being tightly swaddled. I liken the feeling to having your blood pressure taken except it was targeting my torso and upper thighs. The pressure was released then thousands of fingers pulsated over me and so the cycle was repeated many times. It was better than any massage I have ever had.