My mother’s day experience
I hope all the mothers in our community enjoyed their dedicated day and that some surprises and delights came your way.

I have four boys and one girl (she lives in Kenya), so when it comes to Mother’s Day it is up to the boys to be resourceful. My boys range in age from 32 to 25 years and haven’t ever shown much initiative about making me feel extra special on Mother’s Day. Generally it is the bouquet of Chrysanthemums from the local flower stall. But this year they planned the whole day, which involved them coming together with a planned menu and cooking me a feast. I felt that all those years of showing them how, finally paid off and I couldn’t have been more chuffed.
Thank you my lovely boys.

In Praise of Fagan Park
Since moving to Galston nearly three years ago I have had the great pleasure of walking in the park nearly every evening with our dog. It is such a beautiful park, so well cared for and such a lovely place to be. Whatever the weather it is beautiful – the flowers, trees , birds give constant pleasure. I usually go in the evenings and on the weekdays often have the park to myself which is such a privilege. At weekends and holidays it is a delight to see the park full of people really enjoying it – friends and families with children, on their bikes or scooters, playing games, barbecuing and picnicking – just enjoying being together in a lovely place.

Thank you Bruce Fagan for donating the park and to Hornsby Council and the rangers for keeping it so beautifully maintained.

If Mr Fagan was looking down this Easter, I am sure sure he would be very happy to see so many people enjoying what was their lovely home and farm and having such a wonderful time!  Val Wright

Birth Announcement
Alice and Charlie Herbert are happy to announce the birth of their new son, Thomas Graham Herbert. Weighing in at an enormous weight of 4,060gms and measuring 51cms. After a really long day, Thomas arrived on 19th April 2017.

Thomas has four brothers and a big sister. His brothers are Alex, Rob, Ben and Geoffrey and his sister is Elizabeth.

He is the 11th grandchild of Helen and Graham Bell of Galston and 12th grandchild of Caroline Herbert of Kinds Creek, formerly Annangrove. The lucky little boy also has 2 great grandmothers. Granny White (Beryl) of Sydney and Granny Bell of Guildford.

Alice, Charlie and the rest of the family are all enjoying the new arrival.

For eight years the ladies of Galston and surrounds have been Jazzercising to keep fit. The retirement of our most energetic and amazing instructor left 30 women with no one to keep them in shape in the way they enjoyed best…. exercising through dance.

Our long search was rewarded when we found Nina, a Zumba instructor from Glenhaven. We are all once again stamping our feet, shaking our booty, twisting and shouting to music from around the world and we couldn’t be more engaged than we are by Nina, who is forever smiling, encouraging and overflowing with joy and enthusiasm. Thank you Nina. Come join us at the Galston Community Hall in Galston. Wednesday and Friday at 10am to 11am. Always coffee and a chat to follow. Come dance and be merry with us.

Sally Stokes
Local artist Sally Stokes has been invited to hold an exhibition at Annandale Galleries 6th June – 8th July, 2017. Sally is an award winning artist who has lived most of her life in the rural Hills District. Sally has travelled widely throughout Australia and captures, with intense and rich colour the vast array of beauty our landscape has to offer.

Cafe Sasanqua
Sonya Best is taking a tree change from her corporate life to provide our community with a new cafe. Once Sonya found the space, a lovely building set in the grounds of Camellia Grove Nursery on Cattai Ridge Road, Glenorie, the decision came easily as she has always had a love of cooking, mixing with people and serving the community. I am looking forward to soaking up the ambience of this space and sharing time with friends as I enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and homemade food…… Sonya we know that your efforts will be rewarded. See you all there!

‘She Brews It’
Glenorie girls, Samantha Wilson and Penny Catt are two entrepreneurial sisters who are following their dream. Both Sam and Penny gave up their jobs in the beauty industry to wake up with the sun, spreading their form of happiness one cup at a time.

Sam says, “They see us rolling, They Chase us! Two sisters brewing up a storm in our Cute little van. ‘She Brews It’ proudly serves ‘the Little Marionette’ coffee, along with yummy treats to all the crazy coffee lovers out there,. Catch us at markets, festivals, private/corporate functions and events. We love getting up early to bring some sunshine to your day.”
Sam and Penny – 0408 435 780

The things people do
Eight years ago 47-year-old Richard Wilford from Glenorie was walking in the Blue Mountains when he came across runners participating in the hundred kilometre Ultra marathon race. From that moment on he decided to train up and complete one for himself. Last weekend, in the beautiful Blue Mountains, with more than 1400 starters, he successfully completed his eighth Ultra trail marathon in 18 hours and 37 minutes. This run is not a flat hundred kilometres, rather the course climbs up and down over 4400 metres of fire trail and walking tracks. Richard received his sixth bronze belt buckle which is given to contestants who complete the course in under 20hrs. Congratulations Richard.

Dural Tyrepower

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