5 tips to keep your hearing aids working

You know how frustrating it is when your hearing aid doesn’t work, especially when you need it most. The really good news is Hear Clear Australia has some simple tips for you.

1 Clean them often Wax is nature’s way of removing debris from your ear, but it clogs up the hearing aid’s mechanisms. At least once a week, gently remove wax from the ear piece with your hearing aid’s cleaning brush.

2 Change the battery The one thing hearing aid users always remember to do is change the battery. Keep a supply handy for when you need them. If this doesn’t work, try cleaning it again.

3 Turn them off and store them safely You would be amazed how many hearing aids have been accidentally damaged by pets and young children. An unattended whistling hearing aid attracts the inquisitive. Open the battery compartment to turn the aid off and store out of reach.

4 Keep them away from water Our hearing aids are so comfortable, people sometimes forget to take them out before plunging into the pool or stepping into the shower. If you do get them wet, dry them with a soft towel and bring them to the clinic as soon as possible. Do not put them in the oven or microwave.

5 Be wary of cosmetics and hair products Looking good can have its downside for hearing aid wearers. Always apply hairspray and face powder before putting on your aids, as the fine particles can disrupt the workings.

If your aids are still not working, bring them to the clinic. Don’t be an amateur technician, best to leave it to the professionals.

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