Still going strong at 90

Congratulations to Mrs Antoinette Nati who celebrated her 90th birthday with family and friends at the Galston Club on the 2nd February 2018. Antoinette has lived in Middle Dural on the family property, now Nati Bros Roses, since 1964, raising 6 children, 15 grand children and 21 great grand children, most of which came together to celebrate this wonderful milestone. Suffering from ill health over the last few months, her eldest grandchild, Judy Lagudi said, “We were all very thankful that she was out of hospital and well enough to enjoy this special night. She is an extremely loved and cherished mother, grandmother and great grandmother.” Judy Lagudi (grand daughter)

Baby for Brittany and Nathan Mills.

Many will know Brittany and Nathan from Agrepair in Middle Dural and be pleased to know that after a 36 hour labour Tony Nathan Mills (at a whooping 4kg) was delivered naturally into the waiting arms of his father Nathan. Being her first baby Brittany was concerned that TJ would arrive on Christmas Day however he wasn’t in that much of a hurry and arrived exactly one month later on the 25th of January.

Baby Tony was named after his maternal grandfather and is now known as TJ as in Tony Jnr. TJ is the first grandchild of Kerrie and Tony Garay and Marie and Raymond Mills. Everyone is thrilled and already TJ and his parents have settled in to a regular routine where everyone gets some sleep.

From the archives of the ‘one who makes life interesting’

Following on from the money making venture of last month I thought I would share another treasured memory. Although ‘Titanic’ was probably not the top pick for a 14 year old boy we had little choice because our free tickets were due to expired that day. We arrived early to an almost vacant cinema with only one couple seated. Roly (ooops I used his name), eager to find the best position to view the film, proceeded to try out almost all the seats in the cinema. He eventually found his best viewing spot but unfortunately the only other two people in the cinema were seated right in front of the seat he had chosen. As he was not fully formed at this point he was a little short and the couple’s heads actually were masking his view. Not to be discouraged or disappointed, to my horror, he tapped the couple on the shoulder and politely (at least he got this part right) asked them if they could please move so that his view would not be impaired. How audacious…. I hope the couple saw the funny side. and yes he moved.

The Stripper Next Door,,,book releasee

While performing as an exotic dancer, Emma began her Communications degree at university, thus beginning her double life as a university student by day and stripper by night. Despite completing her degree she chose to turn her passion for pole dancing into a career – learning not only about the business of getting naked for money but the importance of following your heart, even if society (or your parents) don’t approve.

Emma Lea aka Emma Lea Corbett, and also known by her stage name, Suzie Q, is a former Galston High student and Galston resident who has just released her first book based on her experiences as a stripper. The second chapter of her book was recently featured in the Lifestyle pages of The Sydney Morning Herald and a few days later a warming and insightful interview was broadcast on channel 7’s, Morning Show. It is hard to believe this fresh faced, pretty, articulate, and poised girl is a savvy businesswoman at the head of a successful business empire.

‘When 17-year- old Emma Lee Corbett auditioned as a stripper, she never dreamed where this exotic world would take her’ Look out for her book ‘The Stripper Next Door’ published by New Holland Publishers which is in print now. You can learn more about Emma and her amazing story in a piece she has written for The Dooral Roundup March Edition.


Recently engaged, Adair Moar from Swan Hill and Ian Garemyn of Galston met five years ago at the annual Yellow Box Billy Cart Derby held in the hills behind Sofala. In January, while on holidays at Adair’s father’s farm in Swan Hill, Ian proposed to Adair presenting her with an sapphire engagement ring which belonged to his cherished Grandmother Ruth Chiswell.

Already it has been a huge year for Adair, engaged in January, admitted as a lawyer to the Supreme Court of NSW and soon to be married and for Ian having the his dream girl say yes.

Family history and roots made it easy for Adair and Ian to choose Corowa in NSW as the location for their wedding . The ceremony will be held at St Mary’s Church with festivities and celebrations to follow at ‘The Chocolate and Whiskey Factory’. We look forward to seeing the pictures from this April 7th wedding. I hope the sun shines brightly on you both.

The Fascination of Frogs

If you ever wonder if frogs live in semi-arid areas, the answer is yes! I have been lucky enough to complete my PhD on the frog communities in the Lachlan Catchment of NSW between 2012-2016. From growing up around the bushy areas of Galston and Glenhaven, it was quite a change. But the flat landscape of the Hay Plains has its own stunning, beauty. I am now based in Wodonga, Victoria. But I still work with frogs, and other wetland animals, within the Murrumbidgee and Lachlan Catchments. Last year, I was lucky enough to be awarded the Rod Kafer Young Diabetes Ambassador Award. This award recognises young type 1 diabetics for their life achievements, and I was honoured to be considered, and then receive, this award. I am now working with the DANII foundation on trying to raise awareness of continuous glucose monitors within the regional area that I now live. These days I spend a lot of my time in regional towns throughout NSW, but my family still roots me back in Galston and I treasure my visits home. I consider myself lucky to be able to see so much of our beautiful country.

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