World Champions
Mason Neil travelled to Tacoma in Seattle on August 5th to support his close friend Cameron Osborne who was competing in the worlds water ski championships. Cameron and other fellow team mates had qualified to represent Australia by competing in local, state and national races over the past two years. Mason also has started water ski racing and was very excited with the idea of travelling to Seattle with the team to watch, support and cheer them on. The competition was held at Point Ruston , Tacoma. Tacoma was a buzz with other water ski teams competing from USA, Belgium, France, Spain, Denmark, NZ, Italy and many more. The atmosphere was amazing with race boats and skiers that had been shipped or flown in from around the world. The Seattle citizens were overwhelmed to have their local bay alive with loud boats and amazing skiers. They had all come out to watch and support and the shores were lined with spectators. Mason was very proud to be there with the Australian teams and witness the amazing success the Australian team had. The teams competed over 10 days with numerous races held and a point system was in place. Cameron won all of his heats and went on to win the men’s F2 world title. In fact The Australian Team took home all of the world titles including Junior boys, junior girls, open women’s, open men’s and women’s F2. Mason said it was fantastic to hear the Australian anthem over and over again as medals and trophy’s were handed out. Mason had a fantastic time and it was such a great place to hold the world titles. In two years’ time the titles are held in France and Mason is already saving for his ticket.!

The Benefits of Dance and Rhythm, ZUMBA
By Kerron May
Who would have thought there were positive benefits in exercising through a dance medium such as Zumba. Well let me tell you there definitely are.

Apart from linking movement with music in the brain, the body gets a good cardio workout strengthening all major muscle groups as well as increasing aerobic output and developing coordination together with balance skills so vital for wellbeing as we grow older to strengthen both physical and cognitive capabilities.

Since attending Zumba lessons with Nina de la Cruz and her golden Zumba ladies at the Galston Community centre, I know the benefits are already flowing as my mental and physical responses are sharper, my posture has improved and my endurance and physical stamina have increased markedly being linked to a more positive mental outlook as well.

Don’t think Zumba is fast and furious and only for younger people because it’s not. Anyone can join in, working at their own pace and rhythm to achieve positive outcomes in physicality and mental alertness.

Come and join us and let’s Zumba together!

I really love this shot of my son Flin, which was taken in Kenya while he was visiting his sister, Miranda. Flin is a musician and I think this should be his first album cover, I have cut his hair recently so he has lost his gay abandoned image. Perhaps he will have to change his style of music to reflect his new short back and sides look.

Trivia Fund Raising
On 22nd July a trivia night fundraiser was held to raise money for Avalon Chambers. Avalon lives with Cerebral Palsy, which is a lifelong disability, which means she requires a large amount of therapy and often very expensive equipment to help in in her daily life.

The event sold out in a single week and brought out a lot of fun personalities as it was a fancy dress. Local businesses came out of the woodwork to donate prizes to help ensure the night was a success. Along with the MC, Councillor Nathan Tilbury, and the very talented Kris Petersen providing entertainment, we had over 200 people turn out in their fun and colourful costumes.

There was a fantastic atmosphere that could only be put down to this wonderful community coming out to support one of their own. The generosity was overwhelming and at the end of the evening, $20,000 was raised!!!!

We would like to thank everyone who helped to organise the evening and this absolutely beautiful community for once again showing why this is an amazing place to live.

The twists of life
Having 5 children in 7 years didn’t allow for relief from the daily grind and the only break I got was when they went to bed. All my children’s cousins were from families who loved to travel to exotic places and highly valued the travel experience. On one family gathering all the cousins snuggled together under the immense dining room table and pretended that it was a time travel machine. “Lets go to Bali, lets go to Japan, lets go to India came the excited voices….and then I hear one of my children contribute…lets go to the shops” oh dear, would their lives every expand beyond the local. As it turned out all of my children are great adventurers and love the experience of different cultures. The amazing thing is that while working in East Timor this year my eldest son was asked to be the face of Tourism for East Timor and hot on the heels of that photo shoot my daughter, who lives in Kenya has become the face of Kenyan tourism.

RFS Mercy Dash to Canada
Chloe Paton and Chris Compton, active members of the Glenorie RFS, along with 3 other from the Hills District have been carefully selected from 75,000 NSW Fire Volunteers to aid fire fighting efforts in British Columbia. Their deployment will be up to 6 weeks where they will be assisting in their specialist field of remote fire fighting. Chloe is one of only two women who make up the 25 ‘Overseas Deployment Officers’ chosen from all over NSW.

The NSW RFS are highly regarded world wide and this request from British Columbia is a testimony to this high opinion.

We wish all 25 volunteers a safe mission and we look forward to Chris, who runs The Hills to Hawkesbury, sharing his story upon his return.

Big Dave
It was great to see Big Dave from Parcel Post walking taller and back on his rounds after having 2 months off because of a knee replacement. Those who know Dave will be aware that he is always up for a chat and helps spread good news throughout the community…..as well as parcels. Despite living beyond our bubble Dave is an intrinsic part of our lives so we are very pleased to see him more agile and eager to deliver.

North & Co Grand Opening
North & Co have officially opened their Men’s Wear shop in Round Corner. On the 17th of August they hosted a cocktail party inviting local business owners and all who had participated in helping make their vision a reality. For 2 weeks prior to this evening every purchase went into a draw for a $500 gift voucher to be spent in store. We can look forward to seeing a dapper Barry Branster, the winner of the draw, walking the streets of Dural displaying his new threads. Thank you Carol and Mario for hosting such a luscious event and for helping my husband smarten his look.

Pat Nati
Pat Nati is recuperating at home after a recent hip replacement. Pat has always worked tirelessly both in his business and throughout the community. Pat has had many accolades for his selfless charity work and in 2009 was awarded the ‘Order of Australia. Not accustomed to sitting still Pat is finding the break a novelty. I found him enjoying the sunshine in his garden, reading a book while listening to the radio. Bliss! I’m not convinced that it will become his new way of life rather just taking a deep breathe and regrouping before he returns to a new version of working life.