Glenorie Bakery Applies for Liquor Licence

As many residents know, Glenorie Bakery is a popular destination for many people throughout Sydney. Recent renovations and the installation of a Bakery museum have proved very popular in drawing people to Glenorie. Owner, Rob Pirina, and his manager Adrian Benbrick, have been very resourceful in their marketing efforts making Glenorie Bakery a well known destination.

To improve their current offerings, the Glenorie Bakery has applied for a PSA liquor licence. The Bakery has had a liquor licence since 2008 which allows liquor to be sold with food. Locals would have seen the opening of the Bakers and Brewers earlier this year. The PSA liquor licence allows patrons to just buy liquor, without the food. Owner, Rob Pirina, has confirmed that food will always be their main focus, providing the additional liquor licence, he says, gives an additional service, which customers have requested.

Submissions for the liquor licence closed on 26th August and we note several submissions were made. The NSW Liquor and Gaming Authority will now determine the outcome of the application.

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