I love hearing the abundance of stories of the amazing generosity of Aussies, especially since the recent catastrophic bush fires. It’s like “In the midst of the great suffering and loss, we deeply feel for each other and know we must rely on each other, not just the government. We must give to others.” Even those of us not directly battered by the fires ferocity really feel hurt and empathize deeply with the firies and the victims, whether people or animals. Also impressive , is the compassion towards and thankfulness to our firies, who as we know are mostly unpaid volunteers. We’ve seen of all this on TV, in papers and have shared it in our conversations , It seems people all over Aus are thinking and saying “What can I do to help?”

And “Wow” – the outpouring of gifts including foods, clothes and money has been extravagant, almost overwhelming. I’m sure those affected are deeply touched and sincerely thankful.

All this shows our Aussi spirit is one of volunteering of ourselves and giving whatever and however we can. When need grips us , it’s how most of us react. Truly ,”Giving is good cents” and it does make one feel a heart happiness to know we have helped another.

I’m proud to be Australian and one who loves to freely give help to those in need.

Galston Seventh Day Adventist Church Welcomes New Pastor Arthur Hudson

It’s a new beginning for me and my family. New in the sense of the year and new in the sense of my job. Taking over from Pastor David McKibben I “inherit” a congregation that continues to want to be relevant in 2020 to the needs of the community. Currently visioning the year, we see good food, health and relationships as significant to what God intends for each one of us, and we will be endeavouring to bring that about in different forms.

Look out for “Sunset Melodies” events again during this year and I look forward to a chat with you as I get to know the people and businesses of the area.

My family and I enjoy bushwalking whenever we can and have been heavily involved in the running of outdoor education programs for teens. Picture: Jan 2020 Tasmania.

Celebrating 50 Years
Did you know that the original Galston Gazette started over 50 years ago in 1970. What an amazing achievement that this community paper is still going strong and is still supported by our wonderful local businesses, so we can still bring you all the news from our local community and its groups. We have had to adapt over the years, and take on additional jobs including having a social media page. We hope our community paper will last another 50 years and continue to adapt to bring you all your local news and events.

Thanks for supporting us.
What out this year for some anniversary stories and images.