Long nights, short days.
The days are shortest in June and the reduced hours of sunlight definitely affect our moods. This June not only was the light intensity diminished but we experienced days and days of constant rain and it felt as if everyone had gone into their burrows to hibernate.

Part of my duties in my role with Galston Community News is to distribute the magazines throughout the community. This is something which I enjoy, as I get to witness the daily activity of people and businesses, stumble across old acquaintances and form new bonds. The day after the big wet, the sun was streaming, warming the air and as it seemed, warming people’s spirits. Everyone was smiling and open and ready for a chat. People were holding doors open for others, conversing in elevators, being generous, courteous, polite, helpful and thoughtful. It seemed everyone had been rejuvenated, they had survived the cold, the rain and the gloom and they were recharged ready to enjoy the world. It was a great day!

Jack William McArdle
Elizabeth Stone said ‘Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body’. and this is the case for Robert and Catherine McArdle as they expand their hearts to welcome baby Jack William into their family. Jack weighed in at 3.58 kilos and was a pleasingly short delivery.

Rob and Catherine have a long history, having met at Galston Preschool and both attending Galston Primary School. Years later they met again at the Galston Club and together with Rob’s daughter, Amelia Rose they created their own family unit. Their first son, Corey James, now 20 months, was named in honour of Rob’s Grandfather Jim, who started the first McArdle Tree Services. Jack William’s second name is after Catherine’s father Bill Lea.

There is a Chinese proverb which says, “A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark” Already Jack’s page is being filled by the support and excitement of his parents, siblings, family and friends. Everyone is thrilled and delighted and now the fun begins.

An Autumn Wedding
Late in the afternoon on a perfect autumn day, Cherie and Jarrod were married in the picturesque grounds of Jarrod’s family home in Kenthurst.

Cherie, a lawyer, originally from Cairns, had many family and friends travel to witness her marriage to Jarrod, the founder of SME Services Group in Dural. Given the unsettled weather which we had been experiencing at that time, the Queensland guests were all surprised by the balmy afternoon. Cherie and Jarrod created a beautiful event and everyone present felt that they were blessed to have the opportunity to share and witness a precious experience and to be able to rejoice with the jubilant couple. The endorsing support from everyone present was highly evident with tears, cheers and lots of laughter.
Happiness to you both.

Both recently out of hospital sisters Mary (Bridie) Dickson 95 from Glenorie and Angela Crossing 91 from Cherrybrook shared some chat time. Mary and Angela have an older sister, Veronica who is 97. Now that is an impressive (and enduring) gaggle of girls.

A break well earned
I am pleased to report that Lynn Bradley from Compass Travel, the sponsor of this page and her husband Mark, have enjoyed a very well earned break. For 16 days they cruised on the inaugural voyage of the Majestic Princess from Rome to Dubai via the Suez Canal and Petra Jordan.

Lynn works tirelessly to make other’s dream trips a reality, so it was wonderful that they were able to take time out. We all need a little rest and relaxation and why not do it in style.

Pharmacist Penny
Many will know Penny who worked for many years at The Galston Village Pharmacy. Last month she and her husband Dave welcomed their new baby boy, Liam to their family. Liam was a much wanted baby and both Penny and Dave feel truly blessed to finally feel the joy of being parents. Penny is taking time out from her pharmacy position to really cherish her new role.

Oliver’s great twist
Julie and Eddie Bruce, the executive producers of the Dural Musical Society were thrilled with the crowd support at their recent show, Oliver. It is reported that the show went very well and that they had a number of full houses. It was so successful that they raised over $2,600 which they were then able to donate to their charity, The Sanctuary -The Hills Women’s Shelter. Julie and Eddie would like to thank everyone for their support and on behalf of our all, I would like to thank them for their ongoing efforts to bring culture, music and the arts to our community.

Surprises do happen
Last week my son, Fergus Stokes and his girlfriend Pamela Costa, spontaneously decided to take a trip to Greece. Two days later they were off to take in the sunshine and and the sights.

We were all surprised but delighted that they could make such a quick exit but all was revealed about my son Fergus’ true motives when an image came through the family network. Fergus had proposed to his Argentinian girlfriend, Pam.

Having four sons and a son in law I am rejoicing that, at last I have my first daughter in law. Pam is gorgeous, petite, extremely energetic, personable and extremely loved by our family .We are all excited by a future which now (officially) includes her.

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