Best Brew

Sammy Wilson (Catt) from “She Brews It” coffee van is excited to announce the arrival of their newest bean, “Benji Thomas Wilson”. Born 20th April, Sam and new dad Brian are overjoyed and thrilled that he has finally arrived.

Sam and sister Penny, who are partners in ‘She Brews It’ are regulars at many local business’ each day and can’t wait to introduce Benji to all their customers.

He’s there best Brew yet!

We love a celebration

We love a celebration at Cafe Sasanqua and what a variety we’ve had this past month.

From a large high tea to celebrate Adele’s 21st to a more intimate high tea for 8 to mark a 50th wedding anniversary, from a 7th birthday for Ella to a 70th birthday for Maarten – we’re honoured to have been part of them. Best wishes to you all.

This month is our turn to celebrate as we reach our first birthday.

So many thanks are due to our staff (past and present), our wonderful customers and importantly to my family and friends for their amazing support.

Freely Given

On Friday 4th May, whilst delivering the Community newspaper, I came across something so beautiful I was inspired to write and share it on these pages.

I enjoy delivering these papers in the Galston Village area, at the beginning of each month as I have the opportunity to see how gardens are going, often speak to people and get exercise whilst doing it .

On this day, I was surprised! Near a letterbox on Galston Rd there was a bucket full of white (yellow centred) Chrysanthemums with a sign on the bucket:

“Free Flowers
Happy Mothers

I straight away thought “How lovely is this and how my Mum would love these”. When I was growing up, White Chrysanthemums were known as “The Flower for Mothers Day”. I did take a bunch and did give them to my Mum, who loved them ( they are still beautiful now – over a week later).

Later that day, I returned with a thank you note to place in the letterbox beside the remaining flowers.

How kind was this of these Galston residents! Thank you so much!

Hope all Mums in our district had a very Happy Mothers Day.

Christine Stockman

A Fond Farewell

Chris Compton from Compton Media group will be known to many as the editor of The Hills to Hawkesbury, another of our publications. For an extended period, Chris is travelling to live and work in England. Chris arranged a farewell celebration which I was excited to be included in. The first half of the evening was spent at Elude Escape Rooms, newly established on Mid Dural Road in Galston. Escape rooms are designed for teams of people to work through the mysteries and puzzles of the room in order to escape from the space. I decided to wear some pants which I hadn’t worn since last winter. I was horrified when they just didn’t seem to fit, (I really didn’t think that I had put on a enormous amount of weight), I pulled, I yanked, I shimmied up and down trying to get them to fit as they should. Finally I decided to just take them off. This is when I realised that I had them on back to front. I was about to go to an escape room to exercise my mind and I couldn’t even get my pants on the right way. I was relieved to know, however that I had not put on weight but was rather, just a little mad…..mmmm which would I prefer?

I really wish Chris and Chloe (with whom he is reuniting in England) a wonderful and rich experience and I hope all their experiences exceed all expectations.

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