GOD’S SON LIVING IN OUR WORLD ( A message by Rev. Ed Long.)

When Jesus Christ came into our world, he still remained the Son of God. He could never hide that fact. ( read John 1:14-18 ).

Famous people have sometimes tried to travel without letting others know who they are. But often they have been found out possibly by the things they did or said.

When Jesus was here on earth (when he was ‘made flesh’) there were many occasions when his glory as the Son of God shone through. It was like the rays of the sun shining out from the edges of a cloud. John says ‘we beheld his glory’. So often in the gospel of John this is true. In John1; 33 the baptism of Jesus is mentioned. What happened that did not happen when anyone else was baptised? The Spirit of God came down on him and those standing nearby ‘beheld his glory’.

In chapter 2, Jesus attended a wedding. He looked just like any other man until the need arose. Then John says he showed his glory as he turned cold clear water into red sparkling wine. In the same chapter Jesus went into the Temple and his power shone through as he cleaned it out to make it a house of prayer once more.

These rays of glory can be seen through the whole book of John. Jesus Christ was a man of our world but he was always the eternal Son of God as well. When Thomas saw this for himself, he cried out ‘My Lord and my God’.

Remember this –Jesus came and lived in our world because he loved us. He came to save us. He came to die for us. Why not thank him again just now for all this?

Think about this:
Jesus Christ never changes. What he was then, he is still today.
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