Go to girl: What is the benefit of doing high intensity exercise versus pilates?

Go to Girl response;
Exercise variety in general can maximise your health and reduce your risk of injury. On the flip side focusing on one modality at a time can enhance your sport specific performance. HITT Training has become a trend this year. With the promise of faster weight loss and toning at shorter intervals. Here are some of the general pros and con’s of each type of exercise.

High Intensity exercise
• Time efficient
• Increases metabolism
• Burn calories
• Increase fitness and muscle endurance

• Commonly used routines.
• Keeps things fresh and interesting
• Has a high chance of injury if you are a beginner or you push to fatigue.
• Gastrointestinal upsets after such high intensity exercise.

Pilates Pros
• Traditionally focuses on your core, which in turn helps increase awareness of your posture, and decrease back pain, in turn helping you with every day activities.

• Some people have noticed that although they have not lost weight, they are a dress size smaller. This is due to the muscles changing shape and tightening up.

• Excellent form of exercise if you have an injury or are rehabbing.

• Some pilates disciplines can focus on the same exercise series so you may start to plateau, if you do not change the exercises.

• Some people feel they do not get great weight loss gains from pilates.

So there you have it. Both can be cost effective in a group setting. It’s up to the individual to choose an exercise that they like and suits their personal need and goals.

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