Glenorie Rural Fire Brigade News

In late May, six Glenorie Brigade members visited a school in Rosehill to bring the message of Home Fire Safety to the 90 Kindergarten students. We had great activities for the kids including:
• What number do you call in an emergency? 000
• Stop, Drop, Cover and Roll for clothing on fire;
• Have a smoke alarm at home;
• Get Down Low and Go, Go, Go to escape a home fire;
• Where is your safe meeting place in case of a house fire at home?

These are questions we all need to work through as a family, wherever we live.

During these cooler months, remember your home fire safety so…
• Make sure that you have an escape plan in case of a house fire.
• Last month we mentioned the importance of cleaning your chimney or flue.
• Never leave fires unattended and that includes candles and BBQs.
• Don’t overload your power points,
• Also note the motto – One metre from the heater when drying washing
• Clean the lint filter in your dryer and
• Another valuable motto – Working smoke alarms save lives.

Winter is a great time to start preparation for the spring/summer
“fire season”. Clear debris from your gutters and surrounds of your house, trim overhanging branches, mow and slash the lawns and paddocks. So now what do you do with the debris/vegetation from your property?

• We are lucky to have Council green bins in the village areas or you can mulch and compost for your gardens.

• If you are on acreage, mulching in still an option or burn it in small piles.
• You don’t need a permit this time of the year but there are still rules to follow:
• You must notify the RFS and your neighbours 24 hours in advance so go to and follow the prompts to be allocated a Burn Notification Number. There are substantial fines if a burn is not notified.

• Only light up if it is not windy and the material is dry, dead vegetation from your own property.
• Have water available and hoses well within reach of the pile.

It is totally your responsibility for any fire that escapes your boundary and causes damage to another’s property.

For further information go to or contact the Brigade: Station Phone: 9652 2017 (leave a message and someone will get back to you) or talk to a real person, Mark 0400 554 353. Facebook: Glenorie Rural Fire Brigade