Glenorie Rural Fire Brigade News

New Firefighters
Our latest qualified firefighters Manny and Tye joined the ranks of qualified firefighters after passing their Bush Fire Fighter assessment on Sunday 21st October.

We have also commenced delivering a Brigade based Bush Firefighter course that will have 9 trainees from Glenorie joined by trainees from Middle Dural Brigade aiming to become the next batch of qualified firefighters on 1st December.

Wet weather
We were fortunate to have been called to only 1 motor vehicle accident even with the solid wet weather.

The rain has certainly dampened things down for now, however the Bureau of Meteorology still have an El Nino warning in place, with forecast warmer and drier conditions to return over the coming months. The rain has caused vegetation, particularly grasses to grow back, but once the drier weather returns the new growth will die back increasing fuel loads.

How Fireproof is Your Fire Plan?
The Rural Fire Service has launched a new campaign that has built on the previous message of “Planning to have a Plan isn’t a Plan”. It is based on experiences of people who have had significant bushfire events impact them. Any plan needs to ensure it considers multiple types of scenarios, and is not a “One Size Fits All”. If you need assistance developing a comprehensive Fire Plan please contact us via our Facebook page or email [email protected].